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1. Citrix XenApp ( ex- Presentation Server)

Reduce costs and deliver apps instantly and securely

Citrix XenApp is a Windows application virtualization and delivery system that manages applications in the datacenter and delivers them as an on-demand service to users anywhere using any device.

XenApp reduces the cost of application management by up to 50 percent, delivers any application instantly to users anywhere and improves application and data security.

XenApp enables IT to centrally manage a single instance of each application and deliver it to users for online and offline use, providing a better than installed experience. In use by over 100 million users worldwide, ensuring that XenApp delivers proven application compatibility.


Citrix XenApp will help your IT organization:

    * Reduce the cost of application management by centralizing applications
    * Deliver your applications instantly to users anywhere
    * Improve security with centralized control and secure access to data and applications

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2. Citrix Access Gateway

Secure Application Access Solutions from Anywhere

Citrix® Access GatewayT is a secure application access solution that provides administrators  granular application-level control while empowering users with access from anywhere.

It gives IT administrators a single point of control to manage access and actions based on both the user and the endpoint device, providing better risk, security and compliance management.

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3. Citrix XenServer 5

Virtualization for every server in the enterprise.

Any Server. Anywhere. Anytime.

Citrix XenServerT is server virtualization that makes datacenters more agile and efficient through faster application delivery, higher levels of availability and improved utilization of IT resources.

XenServer delivers the advanced features required by mission critical workloads without sacrificing the ease-of-use necessary for wide-scale deployments.

The unique provisioning technology of XenServer can rapidly deliver workloads across virtual or physical servers making it the ideal virtualization platform for every server in the enterprise.

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