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Wyse thin clients run Windows, Java, Linux, UNIX, and network-based applications securely on Microsoft Windows Terminal Services, Citrix Application Delivery, and VMware Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) servers using thin protocols display.

The applications do not block the network and are not downloaded to the thin client, thus eliminating the frequent problems on the PC, related to the security of the user and the wavelength.


Wyse Thin OS (WTOS)

A simple and optimal thin client that is easy to install. The perfect and inexpensive ICA/RDP tool.


Windows CE

An efficient and powerful thin client with the right balance of features for environments that need the Windows user interface.


Wyse Linux

An adaptable thin client that is scalable, from a simple device, to an extremely powerful work device.


Windows XPe

A powerful and flexible thin client to work with the most demanding local applications, including video and Java.